Tenant Representation

Need help identifying your businesses current and future facility requirements? Looking to consolidate multiple operations under one roof leading to significant business efficiencies and greater cost savings? One of the three largest expenses for any business is the cost of leasing or purchasing your corporate facilities. Our proven formula and concrete results have saved millions of dollars for existing clients while allowing for greater flexibility and operational efficiency utilizing the latest technology and our decade’s long experience. Having the flexibility to scale your warehouse and business is mandatory in today’s market with explosive business growth and an expanding economy, this is essential in order to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Allow our team to represent you in locating your next facility, renewing or reevaluate your current facility or expanding anywhere. Our mission is to put your business needs first and drive the best possible results. Our high level free services are provided at no cost to the business owner.

✔ Lease Review and Abstracting

✔  Lease Negotiations

✔  Lease vs Buy Analysis

✔  Supply Chain and Operational Studies

✔  Site Location

✔  Side-by-Side Building Cost Analysis

✔  Securing Incentives (State, County and City)

✔  Market Intelligence

✔  Employee Impact, Traffic, Mapping and Retention Studies